Anti Graffiti Window Film

This optically clear, distortion-free, anti graffiti window film can be applied to windows and mirrors and makes graffiti removal a breeze. For those who like to etch or scratch, the film will bear the brunt of the damage and can be easily replaced with new film.


These specially designed anti graffiti window films, nearly invisible once installed, provide a removable, sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement. The unnoticeable film protects surfaces from paint, key scratches, marking and even acid-etching.

Cost Savings

The cost of repeatedly replacing windows and glass that has been scratched up or marked with spray-paint can end up being cost prohibitive, not to mention time consuming and disruptive.

Protection From Vandalism

Anti graffiti window film offers complete glass surface protection. Made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives this window film can offer protection against graffiti vandals, glass taggers, and smash-and-grab robbers.

When vandalized, the film is easily removed and replaced with a new inexpensive layer of anti graffiti film. The entire replacement process takes as little as 30 minutes, and at a cost far below replacing glass. Replacing just one window can easily cost ten or twenty times more than the film installation.

Anti graffiti film can also act as a low level anti-shatter film, holding glass fragments together in the event of breakage. This protective film can be applied to your existing glass and mirrors in shopping mall’s, offices, subways, and buses. With our durable film, you will have the right protection!

Sacrificial Protective Barrier

Anti graffiti window film is installed directly onto your windows. Once installed, it makes your windows almost impenetrable. Here’s a few ways graffiti protection film could be used to protect your business:

  • Strengthens windows and glass doors
  • Increases shatter-resistance to help hold broken glass in place
  • Increases durability of glass by preventing the window itself from being damaged – it stops the underlying surface from being defaced
  • Simplifies maintenance – cleans with soap and water and other ordinary commercial cleaners
  • The entire replacement process takes as little as 30 minutes

Anti Graffiti Window Film

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