Commercial Solar Control Film

Commercial Solar Control Film helps reduce your energy consumption, it makes your entire building more comfortable. By controlling the solar heat gain, you help balance your building (have even temperatures throughout your building). No more hot spots for the building occupants.


Keep your view by installing one of our natural, solar control films. With natural sunlight comes unwanted heat and hotspots, which can affect everyone’s comfort. No one will know that you installed office window tinting.


Office window tinting rejects up to 79% of solar energy, providing you greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing solar heat gain.


Our commercial solar control film is sputter-coated with durable, exotic metals such as titanium, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, aluminum and other alloys. These metals give them exceptional solar performance capabilities and color.


The sunscreen effect of applied solar control films reject high levels of solar and infrared heat by blocking 99% of damaging ultraviolet light.

What is Commercial Solar Control Film?

Versatile, commercial solar control film is ideal for any property where maintaining sunlight, while reducing heat is important. Solar control films are thin, multi-layered pieces of optically clear window film that are retrofitted to the inside surface of glass to help you save significantly on energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive environment, reduce interior fading and improve exterior appearance.

Everyone wants to save money. By using energy saving solar control film, for your business, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 30%. How does it work? Treating windows with solar window tinting can lower heating and cooling expenses by rejecting solar heat gain in the summer, eliminating hot and cold spots inside, and helping to prevent heat from escaping in the winter.

Commercial Solar Control Film Works


Minimum Visible Light
Maximum Visible Light
Solar Energy Savings
Blocks UV Light

Solar Control Film in Carol Stream, IL

We just wanted to thank you for installing the window tinting on the dinning area windows. The sun use to come through those windows right at dinner service, making it uncomfortable for our diners.  We didn’t want to block the view with blinds or window treatments. Now we can enjoy the view without that blinding afternoon sunlight coming through.”

-Mark Jenkins, Owner

Solar Control Window Tinting – Hoffman Estates, IL

“The large ceiling to floor windows in the lobby have always been a problem.  It was annoying, when the sun comes through in the morning, during the height of guest check-outs. The lobby would get warmer and we would have to lower the thermostat to compensate.  Now with the new window tinting, our guests enjoy the comfortable environment our lobby provides. As a bonus, we have much better control over the thermostat, as we don’t have to lower it to compensate from the morning sun.”

-Allison Palmeri, Manager

Commercial Solar Control Window Tinting Around Chicago

Advantage Window Tinting offers Solar Control Window Tinting in and around Chicago and for Office complexes in Arlington Heights, Businesses in Carol Stream, Hotels in Hoffman Estates, Restaurants in Naperville, IL. We can help you find the right solution for your needs. Are you ready for A QUICK QUOTE? Click on the link.

Office Window Tinting

Below is a before & after example of how solar control films can reduce the harmful effects of UV rays. Do you have the same problem? Excessive heat from the sun that fades your furniture and floors and generates high energy bills. Take the first step by clicking the button below

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